What is REAL Soap?

We believe that a REAL bar of soap is made the
old-fashioned way-using natural oils, butter, fats, and lye.

Yes, LYE.

Soap has been made in this manner for centuries, and it is
the  way that we believe the best soap is still made today.
Don't let the word lye scare you. Once the lye is mixed
with the particular oils used  in the recipe, a chemcial
process called
saponification occurs where the lye and oils
combine to become soap. There is no active lye in the
product after this occurs.

Most "soaps" that are sold commercially in stores today
are not actually soap at all. Many of them are, in reality,   
detergents mixed with chemicals. In fact, legally,
companies cannot even use the word
soap to describe
their product if it is not actually
soap. That is why you
won't see the word
soap on the label, but rather the words
deoderant bar or facial cleanser or something similar.

You can feel the difference that a
real bar of soap makes
on your skin. A soap that is free of detergents and
chemicals is much friendlier to your skin.