About Us

The Southern Tip is owned by David and Diane, a
husband/wife team. David and Diane  create handcrafted
soap in small batches to guarantee the  consistent quality
of their soap and to keep that "personal touch" in each
bar that they make.

The Southern Tip's soap  is made the old-fashioned way
(the way it used to be made in the olden days) using lye,  
natural oils, butters, herbs, plant materials, and
botanically-infused oils. Aromatic essential oils and
specially blended fragrances are also added to give each
bar its unique character. Each batch of soap is mixed,
cut  and wrapped by hand.

The Southern Tip is located in the small, rural town of
Rio Hondo,  deep in the southern tip of Texas, where the
winters are mild and palm trees abound. This region is
sometimes  referred to as the "Magic Valley," and indeed
it is. The area is also known for its citrus, agricultural
crops , diversity of wildlife, tropical environment  and rich
cultural heritage.

The Southern Tip's line of soaps is inspired by this
delightful environment,  giving their soaps a unique
regional flavor-- from their "Padre Shores" soap, to their
"Tres Leches" soap to their "Sand Bar" soap. Elements of
the local culture and region can easily be seen in each
bar of soap crafted by
The Southern Tip.

David and Diane are former teachers, who are now
working as realtors with Alvarez Realty in Harlingen.  
When not making their soaps, they relax by pursuing
other creative past times.  David enjoys woodworking,
gardening, boat building and watching old black and
white movies, especially
Casablanca. Diane's hobbies
include mosaics, working with clay, jewelry-making,
writing, country music, cooking from scratch and
sometimes watching old black and white movies-except

Diane and David live out in the country in a rock house
with their four dogs, two cats and a plethora of local
wildlife, including a fat  possum and an energetic
armadillo who all think they're family, too.
About Us